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Maggie Garcia
Margaret Garcia is a photograph editor for magazines who works very hard on trying to perfect ever flaw a picture has captured and adds more volume and better lighting to pictures. This year she is mostly looking forward on making some of the 2020-2021 year book pages look creative and insert as many pictures as she can of all the students. She’s involved in Spanish and interact club and helps at food banks and makes care packages for homeless and rescue centers. Out of school she is mostly working on perfecting her makeup skills and practices her acrylics on mannequin hands. Right now, she is living high her parents, her second older brother, her dog, and her two three year old goldfish. Next year she’s planning on living with a roommate in a far away campus for school. She has a habit of always getting a milk mustache unintentionally when she’s drinking milk and eating cookies and laughs it off every time. She also likes to cook for her entire family, when she gets the time to; her parents are convincing her to go to cooking school and become a chef but Margaret seems to have other plans for the future.

Maggie Garcia, Staff Reporter

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Maggie Garcia