Teachers and the hybrid system

Maggie Garcia

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As we all know, school is very much different due to the world pandemic. We are now doing hybrid learning just to be safe, but we are still learning to get used to the change. This has caused teachers to create new ways to teach their students online and having to create online quizzes and tests. So far, everyone is doing an amazing job trying to help their students and are doing everything they can to help them better understand and focus.

Having to teach half of the class online might cause teachers to spend more time working on new ways to help online students work and figuring out ways for them to take quizzes and tests online.  It can take a long time doing this and can affect the teacher’s personal life. “I spend a lot of my time getting things prepared for school that in the past I could have just re-used or only slightly changed so I have less time to spend with friends and other things I love to do, like read,” says Ms. Adams. For other teachers, this isn’t much of a problem. “I teach slower and review more, but as I get to  know the system and students, I will make up ground,” says Mr. Bim. This shows us how hard our teachers try to make sure that we are learning and being focused during school on the teams app.

Most of them got used to that app by now and also new ones like whiteboard and OneNote but some are also struggling on trying to come up with new ways to make sure that their students are actually paying attention and learning. “I’m struggling with trying to find a good app for giving tests and quizzes that would discourage cheating,” says Mrs. Bergeron. Our teachers our working hard to make everyone understand better and to make sure they’re learning.


It’s amazing to see that our teachers actually care that we all are learning and are doing their best to keep providing a great education for us, especially during the hybrid learning. We as students, should make their lives a little easier too by paying attention and doing what we are supposed to do so please, don’t feel afraid to ask questions or ask your teacher for help. They’re all amazing and just want to help, that’s what they’re for.