From Ms. to Mrs.… Kerger is coming back!


Maggie Garcia, Staff Reporter

Ms. Kerger had been teaching at St. Edward Central Catholic High School for many years but recently left this year unexpectedly and nobody really knew why. Turns out, Kerger got married last summer and wanted a break from work to focus on herself and to travel. She is making a surprising return this fourth quarter on April 5th, but that’s not the only surprise she’s coming back with!

On July 17th, Ms. Kerger, aka Mrs. Burk now, got married to a cardiothoracic surgeon in Seattle, Washington named Preston Burk. He recently won a Harper Avery award and decided to enjoy a nice year-long vacation with his now wife, as we all know her, Ms. Kerger. They have been both happily married, and she has decided to come back to work at her favorite place, St. Edward. What a surprise, right? That is not the only thing though! Currently, Mrs. Burk is expecting her first child with Mr. Burk, but wait, it gets better! She is expecting twins! How exciting! She is currently 6 months pregnant and is planning on doing a gender reveal in the main gym at the end of the day when she comes back. We are all very excited and happy for when she returns!

Are you wondering how Kerger and Burk met? Supposedly, Kerger was having heart problems and was recommended to go to some of the best cardio surgeons in America. She chose to go to Seattle Grace hospital, which is now renamed to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and met Preston Burk. “It was love at first sight. He seemed like he had an interest in me and after the surgery, he stayed with me and we made small talk. I eventually got better and once I was discharged, he asked if I wanted to go get dinner with him. I was skeptical at first since he just got out of a relationship with Cristina Yang, another cardio surgeon, but I gave it a shot. It was the best decision I have ever made, and we are so happy,” said Kerger in a Zoom call interview. These two-love birds where truly meant to be and have so many plans for the future.

Mrs. Burk is very excited to be coming back soon and can’t wait to see all of your shinning faces. She hopes to make her class enjoy her lectures and is excited to show her new teaching methods.  She is also planning a school field trip soon to Rome with her junior class! She went there over the summer and asked the school if it was okay to take her class on a trip to Rome so they can experience the same thing she did and thankfully, she got approved. Life has been truly amazing for Mrs. Burk and we are glad to welcome her back this month!