The Edge

2020-2021 Staff

Alyssa Baugus

Staff Reporter

Alyssa Baugus is a former journalism student who is looking forward to having a fun time writing articles and interviewing students this year. Some skills Alyssa brings to The Edge’s team is that she has prior experience in...

Matt Brady

Staff Reporter

Matt Brady is an aspiring music journalist who is looking to improve his writing skills wherever he can. This year, he is looking forward to learning the exciting craft of journalism and possibly being able to get experience interviewing...

Mia Castro

Section Copy Editor

Mia Castro is a novice reporter; this is her first year on The Edge. She is involved in many extra curriculars including soccer, basketball, interact club, NHS, student council, cross country, just to name a few. Mia is the f...

Grace Enright

Social Media Editor

Grace Enright has always had an interest in journalism and photography, that is why she is excited to take Publications! She loves social media, and finds it fun to edit pictures. Grace enjoys being involved in the school, that...

Maggie Garcia

Staff Reporter

Margaret Garcia is a photograph editor for magazines who works very hard on trying to perfect ever flaw a picture has captured and adds more volume and better lighting to pictures. This year she is mostly looking forward on...

Adilene Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Adilene Hernandez is an aspiring writer who is dedicated to exploring every form of literature. Her involvement in yearbook has led her to acquire various skills in designing and page layouts. This year, she is focused on publishing...

Rachel Hernandez

Social Media Editor

Rachel Hernandez is involved in a lot of extra-curriculars. She is a Catholic Outreach leader at school and is also in Interact and Art club. She is not so much into sports but more into clubs/organizations. Though outside of...

Alissa Hill

Staff Reporter

Alissa Hill is experienced in writing, able to design and take pictures at a decent level. Her goal for the class this year is to learn how to do more graphic design, write captions, and not make pages too busy. She is involved...

Jase Leonard

Section Copy Editor

Jase Leonard is a devoted writer and student who loves to strengthen old skills while learning new ones as well. She has a strong passion for writing and journalism and has always wanted to expand her horizons into photography...

Tory Lindholm

Staff Reporter

Tory Lindholm is a sophomore who just started his year at St. Edward. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball and hopes that there will be a season this year. He started playing soccer when he was 5 or 6 and has continued to play...

Lainy Lundvick

Staff Reporter

Lainy Lundvick is an avid reader who is currently looking forward to being the writer rather than the reader in this course. This year, her goal is to learn how to write more advanced and to perfect her photography skills. Photography...

Madison O’Connell

Managing Editor

Maddey O’Connell fell in love with her Journalism class in her junior year of high school. She wanted to spend her senior year continuing her skills as a well-rounded writer. O’Connell can bring her ability to help others,...

Taylor Petruczenko

Staff Reporter

Taylor Petruczenko is a hard-working 9th grade student who is excited for every aspect of high school. Going into a new year in school, she hopes to develop her skills in writing and graphic design. Having done many group projects...

Nolan Pomeroy

Staff Reporter

Nolan Pomeroy is a student who is looking to learn new skills in publications. Some of Nolan’s extra-curricular activities include Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Nolan’s hobbies include bike riding and adventuring. Nolan’s...

Gabriella Sarullo

Photo Editor

Gabriella Sarullo is an aspiring writer and photographer that wishes to enhance her knowledge in these two subjects. Last year, she took a photography class where she learned many things about the art of photography and hopes...

Ryan Sauceda

Staff Reporter

Ryan Sauceda is an editor, photographer, and digital artist in training. Ryan seeks to improve those skills over the course of this year. That isn't to say that Ryan has no skills; he has done formatting, layouts, and a little...

Zack Teschke

Staff Reporter

Maddie Wood

Staff Reporter

Maddie Wood is a celebrity news fanatic who is looking forward to seeing how the journalism life works. She loves to read, especially celebrity news and drama, and her goal this year is to learn more about interviewing people...

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