Drive-in haunted house in Elgin


Timber Woods

Maggie Garcia, Staff Reporter

Do you want to do something fun and spooky this weekend? If you said yes, then you should go to the Terror in the Timbers haunted drive-in house in Elgin. This will be a fun and safe opportunity to go out with your family and friends. You are able to enjoy the spooky festivities from the safety of your car. This will take place in the Big Timber Woods in October through November 1st from 6p.m through 12a.m. So far, the only available days left to go are the 29th-31st. This will be a fun experience that will make great memories, so make sure to check it out!

Legend has it the Big Timber Woods are supposedly haunted. Over a century ago, serial killer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, made “murder castles” that included soundproof rooms, chutes with acid, and trap doors. He would bring children and women there and horribly torture them to death. He then would take the human remains to what is now Big Timber Woods. The spirits of those victims are said, by the people hosting the event, to be spotted in the woods, which might make the drive-in a little scarier than you might think. Knowing that those woods might have some state of paranormal activity might encourage you to go to the drive-in to experience some real spooky vibes. 

In addition to Dr. Holmes being a serial killer, he was also a father. This didn’t last long because he decided to get rid of his daughter too. When he died, his coffin was covered in cement and was buried 10ft underground. He had been dug up 3 years ago since his body couldn’t decompose due to the cement. When they opened the casket, he still had a full set of hair and his mustache. People say that his soul left the coffin and is now roaming in the woods. You might see or feel his presence nearby when you’re in the woods late at night. 

If you’re considering going or if you’re already going, make sure to have your tickets on your phone and a person with a driver’s license on hand. Make sure to also have your radio and headlights off since you are there to have a fun, spooky time, not to jam or blind people. When you get there, you will go down a specific path where the terror begins. You’ll be guided by red lights where you’ll be able to park and experience the different vibes. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Dr. Holmes!

Overall, I recommend going to the Terror in the Timbers haunted drive-in house, it was so much fun. It will be different than an actual haunted house since you’ll be in a car with your friends or family, safe from the monsters and COVID. You can make fun memories and tell your grandkids how you went to a haunted drive-in while in a world pandemic. Real terrifying things have happened in the woods so technically, you really are going to a real haunted house, it’s just outside.  Make sure to stay safe, have fun, and not draw the real spirits back home with you!