Aidan Pomeroy On and Off the Field

Danny Camarena, Reporter

Aidan Pomeroy is a sophomore at St. Edward, it is his first year being apart of the Journalism team. Other teams that he is apart of is baseball and football team and considers his proudest moment to be walking down the hill with his teammates before games. Self-perseverance and dedication he believes are his greatest strengths which he says help him on and off the field.

Sports is not all he does he is a big fan of movies and reading. His favorite movie is the Blind Side and has no preference on what he read. He would like to travel when he is older to Ireland because his ancestors were from there. He likes to listen to all different types of music besides classical. He loves to go to Chili’s as his grandparents took him there all the time. He likes shopping at Hollister. Aidan is very open minded, a hard worker, and a great person to be around.