Meet the new student council executive board


23-24 Executive Board Members Lilly West, Robby Sommer, and Annaly Soto. (Not Pictured: Taryn Lemezis)

Mariana Hernandez, Photo Editor

The Student Council Executive Board elections for 2023-2024 were just held, resulting in Robert Somers as President, Lilly West as Vice President, Annaly Soto as Treasurer, and Taryn Lemezis as Secretary. I interviewed President and Vice President, Robert Somers and Lilly West.

Robert Somers joined the Student Council his freshman year. He wanted to join the Student Council to meet new people and be involved in his freshman year. He is also part of many other clubs like National Honors Society, Gaming Club, Mini Golf Club, and Interact, and varsity sports, such as . He wanted to run for President to be a “head voice in decision making” and not just a senator. He feels that he will lead the Student Council well because one of his main strengths is listening to the people around him. He is disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm around the Executive Board positions. He thinks that people are not running for these leadership positions because they feel that the positions are difficult and too time consuming, but he would refute that. He thinks that this is not the case because he and others are surrounded by a community of people who will support and help him. He would like to keep many of the dress down days and other things that he knows students enjoy. “I want to make school a lot more interesting, so that people want to go to school, instead of being forced to go here.” He would encourage students to join the Student Council to be part of decision-making around the school year.

Lilly West joined the Student Council as a freshman. She wanted to become involved in the school and community. She also became involved in other programs at St. Edward as the Student Director of the theater program, president of the French and German club, and president of SAAD, member of Interact. She manages her time by using a rewards system and working in coffee shops. She wanted to run for Vice President of Student Council because she was Secretary last year and wanted to continue as Vice President during her senior year. “I think if you carry yourself with enthusiasm and try to reach it out to other people, they too will gain enthusiasm.” She feels that this will get the students as involved as possible to create more excitement surrounding the Executive Board. “I will be a good Vice President because I can hold the people around me accountable, and help and support those around me.” Some of her ideas going forward, for the next year is continuing traditions such as, seniors watching a movie together. She also would like to encourage students to get involved in as much as possible.

The Student Council Executive Board will lead St. Edward well into the next school year. They are thinking positively and taking steps to better the school. They will advocate for the student body and create new ideas and traditions for years to come.