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Picking the right classes is key to your future success. Most students want to be in the most popular class and or the class that gets the least amount of homework. Instead of caring about these little things, think about what will help you in the future. Sophomore and junior students are in for a treat when it comes to selecting their elective classes at St. Edward. There are over twenty different elective class choices, all with enthusiastic teachers. Both sophomores and juniors share some of the same options, but juniors have the upper hand because they have a larger selection.

Sophomores have plenty of options when it comes to business, language, fine arts, and writing/speech classes. Business is a subject taken by students, especially General Business taught by Mr. D’Agostino. “Mr. D’s business class is my absolute favorite; his teaching style is great along with his hilarious jokes,” said junior Nolan Theriault.

St. Edward offers three different foreign language classes including Spanish, German, and French. Spanish I-II is taught by Mrs. Endriukaitis and both French I-II and German I-II are taught by Ms. Siewert. The fine arts program offers many outstanding and diverse programs such as Art I-II, Band I-II, Chorus, Drama, Guitar, Strings and Interior Design, Foods and Clothing. Many talented students have participated in these electives and can attest to the intense but enjoyable curriculums. English electives include Creative Writing, Debate, Journalism, and Speech. Mrs. Kelly teaches Creative Writing, Debate, and Speech. The greatest elective, Journalism, is taught by the wonderful Ms. Woj.

Juniors have the upper hand when it comes to picking electives because their choices are more varied. Sciences are important for college acceptance and juniors can select from six different science classes. The electives include AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and the social science, Psychology. Picking from this selection may be hard, but Chemistry/AP Chemistry might be the way to go for two different reasons. Chemistry plays a large part in the ACT test and although learning could be boring, Mr. Wasilewski knows how to spice things up in the learning environment. Other AP offerings could include Calculus, Language/Comp, Pyschology, Biology, and possibly more.

Two other fantastic classes frequently selected by juniors are Foods/Nutrition and Marketing. Foods is taught by Mrs. Tabbert. In this class students will learn how to whip up great snacks and wonderful meals.

Marketing, which has a prerequisite, General Business is taught by Mr. D’Agostino. Many know him as goofy and entertaining, which makes his classes very interesting.

Former General Business student Sean Thompson said, “Mr. D’s business class was easily my favorite class I’ve taken; his idol Dave Ramsey really inspired me.”

Choosing electives may cause stress, but don’t get overwhelmed. Mrs. Cholewa and upper classmen are always around to help answer questions. Make sure when choosing electives they are the right fit and will help you succeed here at St. Edward and beyond.