2016 Senior Wills

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Selected Electives
January 27, 2016
Slipping after Success
January 11, 2016

DeMarco Scarnegie
To Carson – I pass down my good looks
To Tom – Do a somersault on stage for me
To Charlie – I’d like to pass down the music skills I never had. Whenever you strike a chord, remember me

Clarissa Vargas
To “Trashley” Soto – The ability to not be trash & give the softball girls bomb nicknames

Amy Al-Salaita
To Gabrielle – I leave my sass and my ugly selfies
To Kaitlin – I leave you my amazing winged-eyeliner skills

Jose Sandoval
To Kelvin – I leave you the JB CD album

Alex Scola
To Nolan Theriault – I give you Rascal Flatts

Alex Semler
To Chris Semler – I leave you the fine automobile that has been passed down for generations

Adam Radcliffe
To Steven – I leave you my all

Jared Rejman
To Mary Kelly – I leave my love of Cracker Barrel
To Kelvin – I leave you my skill of doing wheel-shots
To Mallory Rejman – I leave you my legacy

Eric Parks
To Daniel – I leave you the position of “Mom’s favorite son”

Lindsay Zdroik
To Preston Reeves – I leave you dabbing and dingers
To AJ – I leave my D1 abilities

Kennedy Clute
To Mary Drafts – I leave my “amazing” driving skills

Ruben Montiel
To David – I leave my luck and charm
To Mark – I leave you Coach Aydt
To Jimmy – I leave the protection of Heidi to you
To Ryan – I leave my speech skills
To Cenzo, Tyler, and Jimmy – I leave you the right to go to Wing-Stop before football games
Mikey Perez
To Massimo – I leave my boyish charm

Caysie Colasuono
To Katie – I leave the songbirds of our generation; Pitbull, Iggy Azaelea, and Nickleback. I also hand over my title of President of the Pitbull Appreciation Club

Emily Armstrong
To Abby – I leave my uniforms and all gov/econ notes
To Brittany – I leave my “Mom” position on the basketball team

Francesca Kopacz
To Allie – I leave you the amazing trumpet section
To Lizzy and Sophie – I leave permission to “stir up the pot”
To Charlie – I leave the right to “CJ and the Funky Biscuits”

Noah Enright
To Kelvin – I leave my completed pokedex
To Coach Aydt – I leave my Subway Cookies
To Ethan – The Jurassic Park mobile
To Stevo-O – My triple bogies and four-putts

Abrianna Schreurs
To Mrs. Klein – the echos of Ian and my endless Chatter
To Jordan Mattas – My awesome seat on the bus, all of my out of bounds tee shots on #1 at Wing, tradition of running on the course (don’t trip), and my “sad” bag
To Brianalynne – the #2 postion of the golf team. Ya gotta earn it!

Jake West
To Ryan – I leave you the red truck. Don’t crash like I did, twice
To little Lipinski – I leave you the new door to your sister’s car. Sorry about that

Michael Mattas
To Cecilia Kochanek – I leave you to be the President of the Bandwagon Blackhawks Fans
To Eric and Jimmy – I leave you incredible kairos leadership ability courtesy of Pod DT!
To Jordan – Consent to take over the name “Mattas”
To Megan Kremer – Responsibility to watch Elizabeth!

Sam Boydston
To Jacquelyn Boydston – I leave everything I have because everything I have we share anyway

Monetta Rudolph
To Ashley Soto – I leave you all the laughs we shared in Spansish 3, all the times we made fun of Lindsay & her Crocs, and all the chanting & yelling in the dugout!
To Jake Lesh – I love you! You’re my favorite Lesh

Annemarie Petty
To Matthew – I leave my amazing percussion skills in the hope that one
day you become Michael Chammany
To Josh – I leave you the ability to get P. Klein off topic during 5th pe-
riod.  Treat her well!

Ashley Lopez
To Megan – I leave you the authority to run all cross country photoshoots
To Erica – I make you the official butternut representative
To Cec – I leave you the soccer team, good luck

Katie Kremer
To Megan – I leave you the authority sessions before practice
To Erica – I leave you the responsibility to keep your car in safe condition…especially your license plate…

Nick Worrall
To Alec – I leave you a clean pair of track shorts
To Eric Stepanovic – I leave you my ticket getting ability
To Mayar – I leave you my green school sweater

Ian Havemann
To Tom Reeder – I leave you my sheer talent for the play; never give up, never surrender

Mitch Willman
To Tom Reeder – I leave you the Mini-Cooper legacy

Alyssa Doruelo
To whoever does morning announcements – I leave you the ability to mess up The Pledge of Allegiance in the morning

Mikey Perez
To Massimo- I leave my boyish charm