All out. All game. All season


Girls volleyball getting hyped after a good point.

Scarlet Enright, Social Media Editor

The 2022 Green Wave Volleyball team made immense strides this season. It was clear to see all the effort, passion, and love throughout the volleyball program. While the varsity team was undersized in stature, they had big hearts and took on larger schools like how David battled Goliath. Two newcomers to varsity were freshmen Alaina Nolan and Sam Pogorzelski, who embodied the enthusiasm and work ethic that’s needed for a winning program. Pogorzelski was not shy to comment on this year’s team, “No matter what you do when you’re on the court go for every ball and do everything that you can to get that point”.

Their dramatic victory against Aurora Central Catholic was a highlight in their season. The team shared more than volleyball this fall. Long bus trips and an endless supply of Jimmy Johns brought out a strong unbreakable bond of sisterhood. Breast Cancer and Senior Nights were two home games that brought out the best in their play. The captains worked as hard as ever this fall as junior Caitlyn Madsen had the most blocks and aces this season, and junior Taryn Lemezis leads the team in digs.  Junior Morgan Lutzow summed up the team perfectly, “No matter if you win or lose it’s all about the memories you make your teammates so just always have fun and enjoy every moment”. The Green Wave Volleyball Team enjoyed a season of improvement, togetherness, and dedication. These memories will last a lifetime.