April showers bring spring sports

Spring sport check-in at St. Edward.

Joseph Johnson, Copy Editor

A pitcher stares down a batter, preparing to fire a deadly throw to the catcher. He pitches, the batter swings, and the umpire calls a strike.  St. Edward’s spring sports are in full swing this school year, with each team doing well. The St. Edward baseball team has made significant improvements this year compared to last, with the team winning 7 more games this year. Senior Thomas Walla says about Green Wave baseball, “Professional baseball teams succeed because they have a good environment, they are having fun, and they are working together as a team. This season has checked all three of those requirements and that is why we are having the best season that I have seen yet.” The baseball team has grown closer together and is seeing its greatest season at St. Edward in many years.

Boys’ volleyball is also seeing a decent season this spring. Junior Joshua Pottorf says, “We have had some tough games but we have been competing in all of them. We have a solid team, our passing has improved, we have strong hitters, and we have some good blocking.” The varsity team has a record of 6 wins and 13 losses. The team’s last game was May 16th, played against Chicago Christian.

The girls at St. Edward have been having a ball playing softball and soccer this year. The softball team has been playing well, also having a record of 6 wins and 13 losses. The team is close-knit, and their home games are held at Wing Park in Elgin. The girls beat Westmont High School on April 24th with a score of 21-8. Then on May 11th, the girls beat Westmont again 6-0, and freshman pitcher Alaina Nolan set a school record by striking out 21 batters in a seven-inning game.  Their last game before regionals was May 13th against Elgin High School.   In addition, the girls’ soccer team has made new strides this year, with Coach Brieger winning his 300th game as a soccer coach at St. Edward. The team began regionals against IHSA on May 10th.

St. Edward is so proud to have such successful sports this spring, and we hope to end the year strong with our sports!