Mary Poppins Returns: Movie Review

Sarah Pottorff, Reporter

Warning: Some spoilers ahead of you if have not seen Mary Poppins Returns yet.

The word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” has always meant the whimsy of Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins and the magic she brought to me as a child. Now, Emily Blunt has taken up the mantle in the long-awaited sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. From the opening moments of the film when Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) is making his way through the streets of London as a lamplighter to the end when everyone is floating above the park, held aloft by balloons, Mary Poppins Returns is a nostalgic trip through one of my favorite childhood movies. With a 2-D world with the main characters inside it, to the dancing, Mary Poppins Returns has the same template as the original Mary Poppins, but with different ideas.

Ben Whishaw is a grown up Michael Banks who recently lost his wife, leaving behind three children. Emily Mortimer is Jane Banks, who helps to raise the children. Mr. Wilkins (Colin Firth) is the dastardly bank executive who cares more about acquiring foreclosures than the people who live in those houses. Meryl Streep makes an appearance as Mary’s cousin who lives in a topsy-turbulent repair shop. Dick van Dyke, who starred besides Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, makes an appearance at the end of the film also.

As a whole, the plot seemed to be a carrier for the songs as well as a final mission to turn back time that appears in the form of a sequence in which the Big Ben clock tower is scaled. It was a fantastic trip down nostalgia lane with little references sprinkled in throughout the entire movie. I enjoyed it and this as well as Mary Poppins would make a great night in to watch them back to back.

Mary Poppins Returns is currently showing in theaters.