Meeting Mrs. Villont

Meghan Driskell

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Mrs. Villont in her new office.

Mrs. Villont in her new office.

One of the many new faces in our halls this year is Mrs. Villont, the new Superintendent/Principal of St. Edward. Previously, Mrs. Villont was the Principal of Marian Central Catholic High School. Mrs. Villont has taken the reigns from our previous principal, our very own Mr. Herrmann, and has taken on the responsibilities of overseeing our school.

When asked what she thought about the school and being principal, she said “It has been a wonderful experience so far. Everyone’s been incredibly welcoming and positive!”

Mrs. Villont also has many goals for improving our school. “I want to see to the elimination of the school’s debt, work with the teachers and alumni to stabilize and increase [student] enrollment, and support the teachers in the professional development they want to do.” Her previous experience working as a teacher and administrator will surely help her in this new role at St. Edward.

Mrs. Villont has five children, ranging in age from 14 to 19. When she isn’t working, she loves spending time with her family, traveling or having movie nights. She has been working through a program for Catholic school leaders at Boston University. Mrs. Villont is very positive and enthusiastic about being principal and about her goals for improving the school.