iPhone 7: The Not-So-Triumphant Return



The improved phone takes brilliant pictures.

Another year, another iPhone. Following the release of the highly anticipated release, the iPhone 7 has been met with one common phrase: that’s it? Since we’ve had time to settle in with the new tech, let’s see what’s really going on.

I know, the iPhone is waterproof and the headphone jack has been removed, but that’s not that great of an update for a brand new phone. Samsung technology has already been waterproof for years and removing the headphone jack which slices off a few mms isn’t much to boast about. The A10 chip hasn’t been updated. The pixel resolution has remained mostly untouched. The iPhone 7 is almost a preview of what’s to come with the iPhone 8. Now there’s where things get interesting. Rumors are out again saying this year isn’t the year we should be hyped over, the real tech improvements are coming with the iPhone 8, which is slotted for release around September 2017.

One update that definitely was an improve to was the dual cameras. The 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras are definitely a clincher for this new model. They capture stunning pictures that are definitely an upgrade from the iPhone cameras we’ve seen in the past. Utilizing a 28 mm lens and a 56 mm lens, the iPhone 7 captures two photos at once and merges them together to create unbelievable picture quality.

Slight improvements and a better camera won’t always get you the gold, though. Stocks in Apple spiked when the iPhone 7’s many mysteries were being slowly revealed in late February/early March, but as summer rolled around many people seemed to forget Apple existed, and with that, a drop in stocks. With the release of the iPhone 7 stocks yet again spiked, but based on their current path and past years, this seems to be temporary.

All in all, the iPhone 7 is something to hold us tech enthusiasts over until the real improvements are brought in with the iPhone 8. The iPhone7 isn’t a total bust, but it could’ve definitely brought more improvements.