Nintendo Switch coming out on top


The Nintendo Switch console


The Nintendo Switch is a video game console that debuted on March 3, 2017. The Switch was designed to be a home video gaming console that gives you the freedom to go anywhere. The connect is easy to switch from your TV to play somewhere else away from your TV, you just simply remove the Switch from the dock. After you attach the left and right Joy-Con controllers you can continue to play anywhere.

On Thursday, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling game counsel in the country. This video game console allows gamers to play at home and on the go. They sold 4.8 units in 10 months to U.S. households alone. It is therefore forecasted that they will sell nearly 17 million consoles by April 2018. This means the Switch could become one of the top 10-selling consoles of all time. Children and parents, around the world are inspired to use this system when playing top games like “The Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario 2.”

“The Switch has games parents want to play and feel comfortable letting kids play, and those that kids want to play and double as a fun distraction on long car rides,” according to Polygon. “Plenty of parents use these as excuses to get a toy they want to play with, and I don’t blame them. Nintendo has mastered the art of making hardware and games that work with your family.”

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