The battle between Christmas trees


Denise Ibarra, Staff Reporter

Every year when November comes to an end, people begin to take out their Christmas decorations and prepare for the holiday season. A big part of Christmas decorating is putting up the Christmas tree. Depending on what you prefer, having a fake or real tree, the world is very split between the two, both having very good reasons and why they prefer a fake or a real tree.

We asked students and staff from St. Edward what they preferred as a Christmas tree and why. Principal Tekampe prefers a real tree because of the smell, while  Freshman Molly Rynne  prefers a fake tree because it is easier clean up and easier with having dogs. Ms. Buehler prefers a real tree because the smell makes it feel like Christmas, and Senior Kara Michonski also prefers a real tree because it is a family tradition they have yearly. Mrs. Reed prefers fake trees because real ones are more of a fire hazard.

60% of our community preferred fake trees, and 40% preferred real trees.  Overall, everybody had great reasons on why they prefer what type of tree to have on Christmas.  Like for example, fake trees are easier to clean up, less flammable, easy to put up, and easier to maintain when having pets. It seems overall a fake tree is less stressful. On the other hand, real trees are great because of the smell, and to continue the family tradition of picking the perfect tree. As for me, I couldn’t pick between the two because fake trees are easier and safer for my pets, and a real tree feels more nostalgic and smells good.

Between real and fake trees, I think that the preferred type depends on how you and your family envision a perfect tree that makes it feel like Christmas to you.