Ultimate summer playlist


Scarlet Enright, Social Media Editor

Need help finding the perfect playlist for this summer? Look no further! No summer playlist is complete without SZA, Childish Gambino, and Frank Ocean. These artists and many more are included in the playlist I have created for you to listen to outside on a warm summer day. 

One of my favorite songs to listen to in the summer is “The Less I Know Better” by Tame Impala (2015). This song creates the perfect mood for any situation. The iconic lead baseline will make you want to blast your speakers until the next-door neighbors complain.  

Another song I highly recommend is “Sundress” by A$AP Rocky (2022). The upbeat rhythm of this song will make you want to dance into the summer night with your best friends. I’ve heard that Rihanna listens to this song every day of summer while cruising in A$AP’s Lamborghini.  

In my opinion, “Good Days” by SZA (2020) is the ultimate summer song. It brings out true summer vibes, and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face as you are relaxing by the pool.  

The next song that is a must-add to any summer playlist is “Spins” by Mac Miller (2010). This song instantly brings up your mood. When I have aux in the car, I am almost always asked to play this song. 

Finally, to round out your summer playlist I highly recommend adding “Santeria” by Sublime (1996). “Santeria” is a must have song for any beach day. The laid-back reggae sound will never make you want to leave the leave the beach. 

These were just a few of my favorite summer songs. Go to my playlist so you can listen to all the songs on a warm sunny day!