Prom 2022 was unforgeta-bowl

Nathalia Aguirre, Yearbook Copy Editor

The distinguished Troy Bolton once said to Gabriella Montes, “Prom is wherever you are.” For St. Edward students, prom was held at Pinstripes located in South Barrington. Although the venue was a little unconventional, Ms. Weber was pleasantly surprised when she visited the venue. During an interview, she explained how planning had been very “stressful and hectic.” This year’s theme was “garden party” and Ms. Weber definitely brought her vision to life. She decorated the venue with twinkling lights and beautiful greenery. There was also a wooden backdrop with balloons for photos. Her goal was to make it “as elegant as possible,” and she did not disappoint.  

The students left St. Edward at 6:15 pm and dinner was served at 7:30 pm. Upon arrival, students found their seats and got refreshments. There was unlimited soda, lemonade, and tea. Calamari, bruschetta, and Caesar salad were the appetizer options. As for dinner, students had a choice of fettuccine alfredo or peppercorn pork loin with a side of potatoes. Lastly, chocolate-covered strawberries and gelato were served for dessert. 

Last year’s prom was very restrictive due to COVID, but this year that all changed. Students had many more activities this year such as bowling matches against friends and dancing. Everyone danced their night away to many songs including Neil Dimond’s “Sweet Caroline,” “DJ Got Us Falling in Love,” by Usher, and more. Ms. Kessuvan requested ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” which got everyone on their feet. Senior Robert Boydston said, “I may have come last in bowling, but I was first on the dance floor (after Donny).” In the end, the students had a night full of fun, dancing, and great memories to last a lifetime.