The Inside Scoop: Dominique Washington


Although we hear Green Wave volleyball star, Dom, get announced last at home games, she is certainly not least. In fact, she gets announced last because her cheers are too dang loud.  A fan favorite who really puts the boom in the tick tick chant has given the Green Machine every reason to cheer during the 105 volleyball season.  Her 301 kills to date directly relate to the 10/10 rating she gives to the Green Machine’s support this year – we can’t help cheering when Dom is out on the court.

When she brings down the hammer off a good set, she sends the opponents hip hopping away like the music she listens to. Unlike her favorite artist, Fetty Wap, she has a keen eye for the open spot in the defense.  Although she may be sassy on the court like her favorite Disney Princess Tiana, she sends the heat like the Dominican Republic, her favorite vacation spot, and fries the defense like her favorite snack food.

When Dom is doing her thing getting loose hitting the Whip during pregame we all know something good is about to happen. She has goals to become a division one student athlete and ultimately represent the United States as an Olympian. She has learned from the seniors how to become a more vocal leader and hopes that the team can make it to state in the future!  This previous Buffalo Wild Wings Athlete of the Month will continue to DOMinate opponents for years to come and continue to make the St. Edward family proud.