The Inside Scoop ft. Dwayne Allen with Michael Mattas


He is the face of St. Edward football. Dwayne Allen, senior running back for the Green Wave shows flashes of greatness every time he steps between the lines of Greg True Field.  The Home of the Green Wave is home to this incredible four year varsity star who has led the team to some of the best football the school has ever seen.

Scrambled eggs with cheese, pop country music, and trips to California are some of the things he likes that might be the secrets to his success. The way he scrambles through the defense, pops through the gaps, and travels down the field are just a few ways he gets the job done. He sees that infamous dress to be black and blue, a way some of you do not.  Then again, he seems to see his way to the end zone a way most of you do not.

Allen’s favorite professional football player is St. Louis Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin.  Allen might get some of his flare on the field from his favorite pro, but has a calm personality in school, very similar to his favorite teacher, Mrs. Bernhard.  As Allen is finishing up his high school career he looks back to his back flip at the junior Turnabout dance as his most memorable moment.  He hopes to higher his GPA and continue to set records this final year, as he takes on a new more vocal leadership role.  As Allen works his way


We wish Allen the very best as he will go on to accomplish great things at the next level of his career, and continue to play the game the same way we have all watched him play throughout his years at St. Edward.