Love and hate Valentine’s Day


Is Valentine’s Day a pointless holiday? Maddie and Kim weigh in!

Maddie Pogorzelski and Kimberly Aguirre


The origin of St. Valentine’s Day is vague, but it is said to come from a Roman festival called Lupercalia. When Emperor Claudius II executed two men and made the decision that men with wives were not good enough soldiers for war, he outlawed marriage. He noticed that because men weren’t willing to leave their families, and believed  that ending all marriages was the best solution. When Valentine realized just how wrong outlawing marriages was, he went against Claudius and went on to secretly perform marriages for young couples. Claudius ordered that Valentine be put to death for his actions. Valentine was not the only one beheaded by the emperor, but some also speculate that the holiday was named after another guy named Saint Valentine of Terni, who was a bishop.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we remember both St. Valentines and their martyrdom. Valentine’s Day can look and mean something different for everyone. Some may think that it’s the greatest holiday ever, while others may think it’s cheesy and pointless. I think it’s the best holiday ever and let me tell you why.

It’s an excuse to be EXTRA cheesy to your friends, family, or significant other. You could write them a song.  You could make them a super cheesy valentine just to let them know how much they mean to you and how much you love them. In elementary school when kids would bring in valentines for the whole class, it made you feel cared for and loved. You got the “Be mine” or “Text me” heart-shaped candy that I think no one ever ate. It’s also a day surrounded around love and care, and who doesn’t like to feel loved and cared for? Yes, some people think that Valentine’s Day is only for couples and significant others, but I firmly believe that that is simply speculation. Yes, some may make the argument that the day is insignificant if there’s no one to share the love and joy that comes with the holidays, but you can honestly be your own valentine. Have a nice dinner or even buy yourself chocolates (you can even wait for the day after when everything is on sale).

I understand that February 14th isn’t a day for everyone, and that’s okay, but I think it is all in the way you view it. With that being said, next year Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday, February 14th, so I think that’s enough time to plan sharing love and happiness with friends, family, or significant others.



As talked about above some people really do enjoy and like the concept of Valentine’s Day. They think it is cute and a special none stressful day to spend with their significant other. I am not one of those people. I can convince you of why it’s pointless with just these reasons.  

To start off, Valentine’s Day has turned into a holiday all about one-upping others. Everyone wants to outdo others with their gifts and to show them off to everyone else. They think that is the meaning of the holiday and it is completely wrong. Everyone also just seems to start expecting gifts on Valentine’s day. They just want to celebrate it so they have an excuse to get presents and if it’s not up to their expectations they get upset. There are so many holidays where getting gifts is the whole point, but Valentine’s Day is not one of them. You should only get or give gifts that are thoughtful and bought out of love, not force.  

You should want to hang out with your significant other whenever you have time or just, in general, find the time to be with them. I don’t think you should need a planned day to feel the need to hang out with them and be in their company. When you have a planned day given to you by society to be with them instead of just wanting to do it yourself, it becomes less special and more forced and expected. Because Valentine’s day is a day to go out on a date or be with your loved one a lot of people choose to go out to restaurants. This sucks because everyone is trying to make reservations so it is almost impossible to get into the restaurant. If you are able to make a reservation you will most likely be crowded and loud which is not what I would consider peaceful and romantic.  

Valentine’s Day is a very controversial holiday. Some think it is a holiday and some think it is just a normal day. On most holidays everyone is able to get on board and celebrate but Valentine’s Day has always been confusing and creates many questions and disappointments for some. If half of the world hates the holiday then it shouldn’t be something that is shoved into our faces being forced to look at.