Leaving it all on the court


Maddie Pogorzelski, Staff Reporter

The girls basketball team coached by Michelle Dawson is back to a regular season this year after their shortened season last year due to Covid. Fans are allowed to go to the games and help to cheer on the lady wave. The seniors on the team are Alexia Alfaro, Brooke Biggins, Delaney Lutzow, Delaney Nolan, Marlee Franquelli, and Sophia Scheider. All of the girls have played basketball for St. Edwards for four years since they were freshmen.  

All the seniors had great things to say about the sport and their team. Marlee Franquelli says that her favorite aspect of the sport is “the teamwork needed to play and the mentality needed to succeed.” Similarly, Delaney Lutzow says that her favorite thing about basketball is “when [we] [work] as a team it opens you up to so many opportunities on and off the court.” Brooke Biggins’s advice to younger freshmen is to “never take anything for granted because time flies by when you are playing a sport you are in love with.” When asked about her favorite memory on the team, Delaney Nolan says it was “making the game-winning shot freshman year.” 

All these seniors are sad to go and leave their St. Edward basketball careers behind. So far in their current season, they are two and five. They hope to score more wins during the rest of the season and end it on a high note.