Senior ToDo list

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Livin’ Like Lavorata
January 12, 2016
Senior ToDo list

The pressure of the real world has finally set in and so has the realization that our high school career is coming to an end. From freshman to seniors, it’s been a long journey of “firsts” and now we begin experiencing everything we have become so accustomed to for the last time.

The good thing is, we still have a couple more “firsts” before we walk off with our diplomas. We all can remember being a freshman sitting highest in the bleachers repeating the cheers, awkwardly off-beat, surrounded by other awkward, off-beat freshman. Now we are standing in the front row surrounded by our fellow seniors, chanting the fight song on Friday nights. Three years of watching the seniors before us set the traditions, and now we finally get to experience it first hand; it could not feel better! Check off the ultimate St. Edward “to-do” list as you navigate our final year of high school.