Is the world series team goodbaéz?


photo courtesy of Chicago Suntimes

Kelly Hancock, Staff Reporter

It’s not hidden news that the Chicago Cubs did not play well this season, but the 13-game losing streak before the All-Star break hit the team hard. The Cubs’ response to their losing streak was to get rid of their best players. By 4 pm Friday, July 30th, the Cubs lost the core three: Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Javier Baéz. The Chicago Cubs are headed to a rebuilding phase, but is getting rid of their star players the good start it needs? Since the All-Star break, the Cubs’ record plummeted. The Cubs were at a record of 44-46, but now their record at the end of the season was 27-45. Could we have done better with the core 3? Absolutely.

Kris Bryant is currently playing for the Giants with a batting average of .267, Anthony Rizzo has a batting average of .249 for the Yankees, and Baéz has a batting average of .265 for the Mets. Since these three players’ absence from the team, the highest batting average for the Cubs is held by Ian Happ with a .226 batting average. The Cubs do need to rebuild, but why build on sand when you can build on rock?

Getting rid of the core was not the only decision made by the Cubs this year that did not make sense for the betterment of the team. They also got rid of Joc Pederson. In an article from Chicago Suntimes, they state about the Pederson trade, “The Cubs just might rue the day they traded him.” Pederson was a consistent hitter for the Cubs and a great outfielder. The Cubs players need to get their act together, but so does the management. If the Cubs need to rebuild, why not start with the front office? Jed Hoyer replaced Theo Epstein in November 2020 as president of baseball operations. The Cubs either need to find a new president to help manage the team or Jed Hoyer needs to figure out what needs to be done before next season. Some blame should be put on David Ross too, but a manager can only do so much with the team the president gives him. Let’s not lose all hope in the Chicago Cubs just yet, but Cubs fans do not want to wait another 108 years to bring home a World Series trophy.