A big splash is coming to the Greenwave!


Members of the St. Edward Swim Team Nathan Mesina and Bobby Bansil are ready to see a new pool installed.

Jase Leonard, Copy Editor

Mr. Tekampe and Mrs. Woj have just given their approval for the school’s newest addition, our very own pool! Replacing the lower gym, our new pool will be the full length of the gym. Although it will not be big enough to be a full 25-meter lap pool (it will be a solid 20 ¾ meter pool), we will take what we can get. There will be a swim unit added to the gym classes from now on, which will take up a majority of the gym semester. When asked about the new gym unit, 99% of the student body stated they did not want to participate in the swim class. Why the pool was chosen instead of an actual track is still a mystery; it has been said that the school just has something against the St. Edward runners.

The pool will also bring a formal swim team for the school. For the past few years, a handful of swimmers have represented St. Edward from their own clubs, but now with our very own facility, hopefully, we can round up a full team here. When asked how he felt about the new pool, senior Bobby Bansil stated, “I am very excited that we are getting a pool, that’s great! I am upset they added it at the end of my senior year, so I won’t be able to use it at all, but I guess I’m happy for the rest of the students”. It is a little odd that the school decided to add the pool at the end of our only two swimmers’ senior year, but maybe this will encourage more kids to join the sport. Senior Nathan Mesina commented on the new pool saying, “I am very happy that there is ANOTHER pool coming to St. Eds! I mean they already have one by the lunchroom behind the trophy case, but another one is going to definitely make a huge impact on the students of the school! I can’t wait to dive into the water after every class period, go GREENWAVE!” Nathan’s attitude towards the new pool is refreshingly optimistic; let’s all be like Nathan and warmly welcome the new pool into the school.