Are the Bears moving to a new stadium in Arlington Heights?   


Maggie Garcia, Staff Reporter

Currently, the Chicago Bears live in Chicago, obviously, in Soldier Field but that soon might change. There are rumors going around that the Bears are considering moving to a new stadium in Arlington Heights but it is not confirmed yet. They even once said that they would be heading to Keeneyville, Illinois but never did. This lowers the chances that they probably won’t be moving to Arlington. It would be nice if they moved closer to us, but the change isn’t that drastically since they’re still in the same state and not that far from their current location.  

In a recent tweet, Brian Hanley, ex-sports writer, sparked the conspiracy that the players were looking at Arlington and seemed interested in it. “Great, Arlington will open for racing. But the talk around Gulfstream the last year has been the Bears will eventually call AP home. Could explain why AP, owner of Rivers, doesn’t want slots or to sell the track. But do they want a (new Bears stadium?) sportsbook.”  Honestly, this sparked a lot of confusion as to if they actually wanted to move or not or if it was just for publicity. Senior Orlando Marcano said, “Why would they want to come out of Chicago? Aren’t they already mad that we are the legit worst team in the league? Honestly man, they might want to fight and I don’t know if we have the manpower to counter a bear attack.” This has created a mix of confusion throughout most people. Who knows, the rumors might actually be true.  

There is a small chance the Bears will switch to a whole new stadium in Arlington Heights but some also say it is just rumoring. The possibilities of this are very slim because of the lease they have for their stadium till 2033. The new stadium they would move to is also not as big as the one in Chicago but it is newly updated. The decision is still under some thought and no one knows when they will transition into making this big change if it happens. What do you think?