Mr. Was a Loose Key

First day photo taken in the St. Eds courtyard.

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Mr. Wasilewski – our crazy science guy!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like going to live in a different country at the age of 16? Having to continue high school in a different country? Well, one of our new Chemistry teachers here at St. Edward, Mr. Wasilewski, can answer these questions.

Mr. Wasilewski was born in Gdansk, Poland, grew up on a farm playing hand ball, and moved to America at the young age of 16. He attended Main East High School, where he met his wife in his own high school Chemistry class.

At the age of 7, Mr. Wasilewski fell in love with chemistry, but never thought he would teach the subject. It wasn’t until he started teaching chemistry that he realized this was the job for him.  Mr. Wasilewski likes to spend his free time being with his family. He has two daughters, ages 7 and 10 years old. In fact, he says the happiest and most amazing moment that has happened to him in America was meeting his wife and starting a family.

We all know that teaching high school isn’t easy, so imagine teaching a college course! Mr. Wasilewski started off his teaching career with high school students, but eventually went on to teach at community colleges. When asked what level, high school or college, is easier to teach, he said that he feels like teaching high school kids is more rewarding, but it’s also more work. Mr. Wasilewski has been teaching at colleges for 10 years, which makes the teaching curriculum easier.

Getting back to teaching high school students is one of the things Mr. Wasilewski is looking forward to, and we are very excited to see what’s in store for our Chemistry classes this year. Even though he misses Poland and his family there, Mr. Wasilewski is indeed in love with living in America and teaching chemistry at St. Edward.