Fashion trends we are leaving in 2018

Lauren Biggins, Reporter

Whether you loved 2018 or hated it, it was definitely an interesting year, especially fashion-wise. As 2019 rolls around, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and decide how to make the new year better than the last. There are a few things, though, that should be purged out of our lives (and our closets) for the New Years to come, and that includes some of the horrible fashion trends of 2018.

First on our list of fashion mistakes is plastic everything. Just stop. Plastic knee-high boots, heels, purses, dresses, even jeans. Plastic fashion took the world by storm in 2018, and just like any other storm we’re calmly waiting for it to pass. Some of these items are just impractical. Let’s leave this fashion trend in the recycling bin for 2019.

Another confusing fashion trend that happened in 2018 is chunky “dad sneakers.” It all started with Balenciaga releasing a pair of the huge shoes and stars such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, the Kardashians, Hailey Baldwin, and more wearing them out as street style. Since the original Balenciaga pair, so many brands have made knock-off versions or even created their own takes on the unflattering shoes. Let’s do everyone a favor and kindly swipe left on dad sneakers this year.

The next trend in our 2019 burn book is biker shorts. Why is this a trend? We’re not biking, and they’re not cute. Thank you, next.

Have you heard of Supreme? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Supreme is a fashion brand that recently blew up last year and has gotten a lot of hype for their logo, which is literally just a red box with the word supreme in it. Supreme basically slapped their logo on just about anything and sold it for ridiculous prices, and people were actually buying it. It’s overpriced, tacky, and should be left in 2018.

Next up are silicone dresses. The skin tight silicone dress trend started off with none other than the Kardashians. This impractical dress rose in popularity and has since been remade by many mainstream brands. Anytime I see a silicone dress it just reminds me of Velma’s noisy orange suit from the Scooby-Doo movie.

These are a few of the weirdest trends that became popular in 2018, and we should keep them there. Let this list be a lesson not to bandwagon on every crazy new trend that comes along. Hopefully, reflecting on some of the bad fashion choices of last year will save you some money in the future when the next over-hyped trends comes along. Spend your money wisely in the new year, and create your own style.