Students on Homework


Aidan Pomeroy

St. Edwards student James Brisco working on homework

Aidan Pomeroy, Reporter

Students here at St. Edward have very mixed feelings regarding the amount of homework they receive each day. Students argue that it messes with their sleep schedule on a daily basis, while students with sports during the school year struggle to keep the homework in check even more. Not to mention, those who need to study for tests they have. Which is why the students opinions vary.

Just take St. Edwards Junior Luke Brier’s opinion, “Homework is a really good source for points, while on the other hand it can be incredibly overwhelming at times while with Basketball around the corner I’m even more worried with what’s to come.” Brier is just one of many students who have other responsibilities they need to attend to outside of school, and have a hard time getting around to the homework they need to complete, in contrast to this, another St. Edward student Sophomore Anthony Kirkwood, stated “Yes the homework takes a while usually 2-3 hours each night, I really enjoy the extra points as a cushion if I don’t do so well on the other assignments.” So it is clear that there are two sides of the story. While some enjoy the homework, others have trouble keeping up with the work load here at St. Edwards.