Evelyn’s Five Hot Valentine’s Day Destinations

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#8 Silent Night
February 1, 2016

Evelyn and I visited five prime Valentine’s Day destinations – it was tiring.

#1 Chipotle

It’s no surprise to anyone that Chipotle is Evelyn’s favorite Valentine’s Day spot. Actually, it’s her favorite spot for any occasion. Evelyn has a special place in her heart for those salty lime chips that tingle her taste buds. Order a bowl or order a burrito, either way, Chipotle on V-Day is the best place to go.

#2 Downtown Chicago

At our most romantic setting on the list, enjoy an ice skating experience for the ages at the Maggie Daley Park Ice Ribbon, and show off your elegant skills for that special someone. Evelyn tells me that they will be having a 200 foot zip line at Millennium Park, and I can’t think of anything better than that. Pictures with the bean, walks down Michigan Avenue, even a look down from the Willis Tower Sky Deck. If you want to make it a day to remember, this is certainly a way to make it happen.

#3 White Castle

This one is for the guys without much in their wallets, so basically most students who are reading this suggestion piece. But Evelyn says it’s the thought that counts the most, and it doesn’t get much better than sharing a slider with that special someone. They will be expecting over 35,000 people to walk through their doors and plan to continue their tradition of white tablecloth seating for this very special day!

#4 Francesca’s

If money isn’t an issue, Evelyn suggests the fantastic Italian cuisine at Francesca’s . Share a nice appetizer for starters and get some quality pasta for the main event. Evelyn suggests the Fettucine Al Segreto for those classic Italian eaters. Not that hungry? Sizes are big so maybe share with your special someone.

#5 iPic Movie Theatre

A movie and dinner is always a good idea, but iPic Theatre takes this routine date night to a whole new level. Get cozy and comfy in the ultra-relaxing reclining seats and enjoy your movie in a luxurious way. Buy her the large popcorn instead of the small and let her choose the seats. Make her feel like this is the greatest movie she’s ever seen and buy her a souvenir cup to remember it forever. Scary movie? Evelyn suggests a seat with no arm rest in case she needs to hold on for dear life!

Enjoy the day and remember to make it a special one!