#8 Silent Night

John Cena, Uncle Si, and Dwight Schrute were just a few of the attendees for this incredibly hyped and crazy Green Wave basketball game. This was the first home game of the new season and much anticipated after the success from the 2014-2015 Elite Eight qualifying team. Coincidentally, 8 was the magic number this time as well. The Silent Night crowd sat completely silent, all through warmups, all through introductions, and into the first quarter of the game. Only celebrating good play with quiet hand gestures, the Green Machine patiently waited until senior Adam Radcliffe knocked down a jumper for the 8th Green Wave point. When the ball went down the net, the crowd got on their feet and cheered as if the Blackhawks just won the Super Bowl on a walk off homerun. LOUD. The Green Machine crowd was one of the biggest student sections of recent memory and a game that will always be remembered. Hopefully this first annual, unique themed game will be a continued tradition for the Green Wave basketball team.

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