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Sophia Tranchitella

Sophia Tranchitella, Staff Reporter

Sophia Tranchitella is a spot for leading and photography.  She is a big help and a big neat freak when it comes to school.  Sophia’s beneficial skills are writing - she loves the pretty things about it like the handwriting of it, the different fonts, the soft color highlighters, and staying somewhat organized. Other skills are photography, especially pictures that involve nature and art.  Sophia is passionate about Cheer because it is fun to do with friends and involves so many skills.  She thinks it is also a great sport to do to stay fit instead of just laying down after school.  Sophia greatly enjoys art, feeling like it allows one to express oneself while doing it.   Sophia lives in Bartlett with her two younger brothers, her younger sister, and her mom and dad.  Sophia really likes math even though she is not super at it, Elvis music, and camping with her friends and family.  

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Sophia Tranchitella