Fresh take on fish fry


Scarlet Enright

Fish fry from Culver’s

Scarlet Enright, Social Media

Simon said, “Master we’ve been fishing all night and haven’t caught even a minnow.”  To which Jesus replied, “Push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch.”  Minutes later, the Apostles pulled in hundreds of fish that filled two entire boats. That catch probably supplied several fish fries and fed thousands of hungry people, and it was all made possible through the Apostles’ faith in Jesus. 

This faith is evident every year during Lent. The forty weekdays that begin on Ash Wednesday, which is observed by Catholics, is a time of penitence and fasting that ends in an Easter celebration.  Fridays during Lent are known for three things: Fasting to understand Jesus’s crucifixion, observance of Stations of the Cross, and a Lenten Fish Fry.   

While Catholics abstain from meat, it leaves them with few other meal choices.  Historically, McDonald’s restaurants all over Cincinnati had operating issues because their Catholic customers did not eat meat on Fridays.  It led to the invention of the Filet O’ Fish sandwich. 60 years later, this fish sandwich still catches millions of customers.  

Sit-down restaurants also often offer fish fry specials on Fridays.  I’ve been to Village Squire plenty of times but have never tried their fish fry. Last Friday, I went in with the intention to try the Fish Fry. I was delighted with the outcome as it was crispy and delicious. A review from TripAdvisor says that they have the best fish fry in the Elgin area! Village Squire also has great service and reasonable prices.

I then went to Culvers to see if I could get just as good of fish fry for a better price. The fish fry was soggy and did not look very good. I took one bite and did not want to take another. I am a huge fan of Culver’s and was disappointed with the outcome. My best advice for a fish fry during Lent would be the Village Squire. The service is good and family-friendly, along with great food.