Slammin’ hoops and alley-oops

Boys and Girls Basketball

Joseph Johnson, Copy Editor

A blur streaks down the court, surging toward the hoop. It lifts on the ground and slams against the backboard with a ball in hand. St. Edward had a thrilling season of basketball this year, with both the boys’ and girls’ teams performing to the best of their ability.

Michael O’Brien, ’23, said that this year’s season is “going [well]”. The boys’ team made goals from the start and the team’s morale grew. According to Michael, the team was self-centered at the beginning, but they all grew and became a team where they worked together instead of independently. Regarding them, Michael said, “I love the team,” with a wide grin across his face. He passes on his own advice to future teammates, “Enjoy your time and have fun because it all goes by so quickly.” His favorite memory this season is when the team beat Ridgewood and took first place in the conference.

The girls’ team had a fun season as well this year. Isla Oesterlin, ’23, had a unique perspective this season due to her season-long injury. To her, the season “went pretty well”, and she felt that the entire team gave 100% effort during their games. She believes that the team had a very strong relationship and they all grew together. Isla also has advice to pass on to future teammates, “Always give your best effort and have fun.  She will always remember all the times she spent with the team and the food they ate together.

Each team had a great season this year, with the boys having 18 wins and 10 losses, and the girls having 5 wins and 15 losses. The boys’ team will have their senior night on Tuesday, February 14. Here’s to a win and a happy Valentine’s Day!