Living in the fast lane

Nina Filippi, Managing Editor

With bowling season officially at an end, it’s time to look back on the seasons of the boys’ and girls’ bowling teams of St. Edward’s! 

The Boys’ Bowling team ended their 2022-2023 season with a record of 4 wins and 10 losses. The team played hard the entire season and gave their best against very competitive teams in the local area. “It has been a very fun year and the kids had fun and tried their hardest,” says Coach Briski. “I am incredibly blessed, as a coach, to have had the opportunity to work with these excellent young people”. The team excelled academically as well, with 8 of the 12 players having a semester GPA above 3.5. The upcoming collapse of the Metro Suburban Conference doesn’t look like it will affect the team since they have been playing area teams and not teams in the MSC.  Some of these teams included Larkin, Woodstock, and St. Charles North. 

Senior Nicolai Szydzik says that he enjoyed playing during the season. Even though he has only played for two years, he thinks he improved greatly over the course of his time on the bowling team. “I enjoyed the season and the friends I made on the team,” comments senior Michael Cozzi. “I thought the season strengthened friendships throughout, and my consistency with scores continued to get better over the entire season”. He has been on the bowling team for three years.  

Junior Andrew Ramos has also played on the team for three years and improved greatly during the season. “Coach Briski did a really good job for being a brand-new coach”, he says. “I had a lot of fun being with my friends and bowling. It was hard to stay focused and win because we just had so much fun”. Many seniors are graduating from the boys’ team this year, so the team will be looking to recruit and develop new talented players next year! 

As for the Girls’ Bowling team, they finished their season with 1 win and 8 losses. Despite the record, Coach Drake thought the team competed very well throughout the season. “We had the opportunity to win every match, we just came up short a few pins multiple times”, he commented. “Every single team member improved throughout the season. Personal averages went up each week”.  

The team was very young this year with four freshmen, three sophomores, and one senior on Varsity for the majority of the season. In addition, two freshmen and one sophomore earned Varsity letters. The future seems bright for the program with so many young bowlers. Only four bowlers had Varsity experience from the previous year with a Senior class of five. Twelve of the sixteen team members had zero experience bowling competitively, but the growth and improvement of each bowler were very significant throughout the year. 

More importantly, the team is comprised of incredible people. Each bowler had an open mind to learning. It is very impressive how they all gathered and used so much information about technique, style, and approach; and they did it with amazing attitudes and dedication. Coach Drake says, “As a team, they are a fun group to coach and have fun being teammates as well, which is the most significant aspect of a team in the end”  

Sophomore Jillian Garcia agrees that she thought the season was great. “This is my second year bowling, and I think I improved as a bowler”, she says. “I had a great time this season!”.