The perfect sweet treat for Valentines


Denise Ibarra

Making homemade heart-shaped brownies can be a perfect gift or activity!

Denise Ibarra, Staff Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your significant other or the ones you love the most. People usually celebrate Valentine’s Day through gift giving, going on a date, staying at home watching their favorite rom-com or just treating it as any other regular day. A thing that is included in all these Valentine’s Day activities is food, specifically desserts. Here are some desserts I’ve rounded up as the perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s Day to gift someone or bake in the comfort of your home.

A classic to make for any holiday are sugar cookies. They are easy to make and fun to decorate while coordinating with the current holiday. It also doubles as a Valentine’s Day activity. Another sweet idea would be making cards and buying heart-shaped donuts to give to family, friends, or your significant other. A personal favorite of mine is making macaroons with friends, even if they are hard to make. In general, baking is a fun activity to do with someone and it’s a more meaningful gift to give.

Overall, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind people how much you love them and appreciate them every day. This gives us a moment to celebrate and be with the ones we love the most. And most importantly the thing people look most forward to on Valentine’s Day is eating a sweet treat.