What’s the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Nina Filippi, Managing Editor

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and love that’s celebrated around the world. While there’s the typical way of celebrating it like in a cheesy Hallmark movie, that might not seem like the best way to celebrate the holiday. Maybe you’d like to make it special in your own way. It could be with candy hearts and roses, but it could also be without. Valentine’s Day should be about what you love!  

Not everyone has a rock-solid idea about how Valentine’s Day should be. If you need some ideas, the students and staff have plenty of suggestions!  Ms. Adams suggests, “Get a heart-shaped pizza. Get Valentine’s Day cards for friends, with puns also related to pizza”. A lot of students said that a good way to celebrate is by getting together with friends or eating a lot of chocolate together. Maybe there’s a special tradition that you celebrate whenever the holiday comes around. “Every year, my grandma gives me a little goody bag with different candies in it and a little stuffed animal”, says Arianna Jackson, ’26. Or if the holiday only reminds you of heartbreak, Taylor Kapetan, ’26 recommends listening to Taylor Swift and crying while listening to all her albums in order. 

Even if you don’t have any special traditions to celebrate, you can just have fun! Francesca Bueno, ’26, says that she likes to go bowling with family and friends if the mood is right. If you’re feeling charitable, Mrs. Mann suggests volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. You don’t even have to celebrate the holiday if you don’t want to.  

There isn’t a “correct” way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it can be however you want to celebrate it. Whether it’s traditional or unique, it should focus on one thing: what and who you love.