The man behind the monitor

Mariana Hernandez, Photo Editor

Do you know the man behind the monitor? Well, now you can. Mr. Gibbs’s favorite hobbies are video gaming and gardening, when he has time. If he could re-watch a movie for the first time again, it would be Titanic. He grew up in Brenham, Texas, then moved to Michigan. He has two brothers, and he is close with one of them. His favorite tradition growing up was his mom hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and visiting his grandparents. His best memory was his first child because of the journey of being a dad for the first time.

Mr. Gibbs attended Robert Morris University and studied to be a network specialist. He has worked in a school before but the difference working at St. Edward is that the staff are like a family and it’s not very stressful. His advice to high school students would be to focus on things they are passionate about, but also to have a backup plan if things don’t go how they hope. He likes working at St. Edward because he like getting to help kids. He wants to impact kids’ lives “maybe not as much as a teacher, but I still get to help them.”