The shapes that make up Ms. Ulmanis’s life

Mariana Hernandez, Photo Editor

What lies beyond the geometric equations that she teaches?  Ms. Ulmanis attended Iowa State University and majored in math. She wanted to teach because she has always loved school and when she was younger, she would help her friend, who was sick, with her schoolwork and loved it.  Her favorite thing about teaching is forming relationships with students. Her least favorite part of teaching is grading. She is looking forward to coaching competitive cheer, getting involved in clubs, and seeing students grow while she works at St. Edward. She feels motivated when she helps students understand things, “seeing the moment it clicks.” Some advice she would give to high school students is to take advantage of every opportunity (football games, dances, etc.) and to start developing good study habits now to make it easier in college.

She grew up in Cary, Illinois. She has three sisters whom she is close with because they are close in age. Her favorite family tradition is on Christmas Eve when her family gives each other white elephant gifts. Her favorite gift was a sauce holder and a Chick-fil-A gift card. Her best memory was seeing her sister get engaged.   She really enjoys crafting, specifically making vinyl decals. This is evident in her classroom where you can see the many different things she has made. Be sure to stop by Ms. Ulmanis’s classroom to see all of the creative decorations she has made.