George Washington and carbon dioxide

All the same to Mr. Kohls.


Joseph Johnson

Mr. Kohls pointing to his favorite globe.

Joseph Johnson, Copy Editor

A teacher sits at his desk, plotting what teaching he will inflict upon his students, and how he will enlighten their lives. Mr. Kohls is a new teacher at St. Edward’s and is starting the first full year of his teaching career. From a young age, Mr. Kohls has been in love with the academic world and chose to start teaching so he can “make [his] mark” on his students. His love of academics derives from the influence of his parents during his childhood. Mr. Kohls calls upon one of his childhood memories of visiting the museum on his birthday as one of the key moments of the growth of his love for school, learning, and ultimately teaching.

Mr. Kohls first learned about St. Edward’s from his friends at college, as some of them had been students there. He loves science and history, which brought him to teach at St. Edward’s. He wanted to be able to teach both subjects, and that was not a possible option at most other schools. Had Mr. Kohls not been a science or history teacher, he claims that he would have taught English because he loves to read. In addition to the flexibility of subjects at St. Edward’s, Mr. Kohls loves the faith atmosphere that he is able to be a part of. His motto that he lives by in life is, “Totus Tuus”, a phrase that when translated means, “totally yours”. Mr. Kohls claims that he is not perfect and that he must submit himself to God and deepen his faith life.

Outside of his time at school, Mr. Kohls loves to be outdoors. He was an Eagle Scout and loves to travel with his friends. In addition, he takes part in his parish’s youth ministry, which he began in high school. Mr. Kohls is also a part of a pro-life organization and cites the USCCB concerning abortion, “The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority because it directly attacks life itself.” Outside of his ministries, Mr. Kohls says that his least favorite food is chocolate ice cream due to its acidic taste. His second favorite movie is Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe taking the spot as his favorite movie.  

Mr. Kohls is one of 3 siblings and has loving parents. He says that his life as a sibling took effort, but that they have good relationships. He lived with his parents, but just moved out and began to rent an apartment. Mr. Kohls also proved the rumors to be true and said that he and Mr. Negron are in fact cousins on his dad’s side. When asked if they had met before, Mr. Kohls said “maybe”. Mr. Kohls lives an academic life filled with a love of the outdoors and helping others. Ultimately, he wants to make an impact on his students and the people he works with because “We’re all running the same race”.