Mr. Negron lights up Lit


Mr. Negron surrounded by his “favorite” students.

Scarlet Enright, Social Media Editor

Walk down the senior hallway and you can’t help but notice the energy that exudes from room 112. No, it’s not geothermal power from the earth’s inner core or renewable biomass energy, it’s our new Literature teacher, Mr. Negron.  From the comfy couch to the cool decorations, Mr. Negron creates a space for learning in a relaxing environment.  He is dedicated and has enjoyed becoming part of the St. Edward Family. There are two types of students that pass by Mr. Negron every day: those that he knows and those he will get to know.  His fist bumps are as legendary as the homemade chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria.  

Family and friends are very important to Mr. Negron, and when he has time off, he loves to binge Netflix. When he’s really bored, he turns on a Hallmark Movie which is as predictable as the Chicago Bears playbook. His favorite food is deep-dish pizza or Puerto Rican food.  As an avid reader, Mr. Negron loves all kinds of literature. Mr. Negron finds it interesting that good books may have a different meaning to their various readers and said, “It doesn’t matter what the book title is, books have a unique way of reaching all different kinds of people.” At St. Edward, he is impressed with the students and hopes to grow and learn from them. 

If he could meet anyone in history, he’d love to meet actor/comedian Robin Williams.  Robin Williams once said, “There are no rules, just follow your heart.”  Mr. Negron has followed his heart to Elgin and hasn’t looked back since.