May Crowning


Dempsey Howicz, Social Media Editor

While Mary the mother of God is revered and celebrated all throughout the year, May is a special time to celebrate the “Queen of Heaven.” Throughout history, Catholics have honored the Blessed Virgin Mary to symbolize her significance in the church and our lives. Catholics have long honored Mary in May with special observances, traditions, and devotions; this led her to be known as the “Queen of May.”  May Crowning evolved from a practice of selecting a “Lord or Lady” or “King and Queen” for a festival, carnival, or just for the day.  

During the Holy Mass on May Crowning, a wreath of flowers is placed on the statue of Mary. It is celebrated throughout the whole month of May. Catholic schools will have an all-school Mass to celebrate Mary by having a court of students who crown Mary. While last year St. Edward had this Mass, it was quite different because only some of the classes were in the gym and other students watched a live stream. This year was a lot nicer to have the whole school be part of it. This year’s May Crowning Court consisted of Kailey Treiber, Sophia Scheider, Nathalia Aguirre, Lily Burger, Delaney Lutzow, Sam Birdsell, Josh Roldan, Max Kaufman, Tommy Tomaka, and Louis Banet. The whole choir sang during the Mass.  Sophomore Areli Tinajero sang a solo while Kailey Treiber got the honor of crowning Mary during the ceremony.