Senior Wills


Jianna Birns, Yearbook Copy Editor

As the seniors begin to get ready to graduate and move on with their lives, there are a couple of things they would like to leave behind to younger students, siblings, or teammates. Here is what the Class of 2022 would like to leave behind:

“I, Kyle West, am leaving my driver shaft to Nick Lombardo.”

“I, Brooke Biggins, bestow the Girl’s Basketball team to Maggie Jarzemsky and Lizzy Leadley.”

“I, Ryan Sauceda, leave behind my football #79 jersey to my little brother Zach.”

“I, Frank Carino, leave my parking spot to Jack Cozzi.”

“I, Marlee Franquelli, leave the responsibility of being water girl, setting up the field, and being careful with the golf cart to Charlie Franquelli and Annaly Soto.”

“I, Kailey Treiber, leave NHS to Jason Garcia.”

“I, Haley Plummer, leave my lunch table to Joey Lee.”

“I, Danny Schuck, leave all of math to Josh Pottorff.”

“I, Louis Banet, leave my blue uniform pants to anyone who wants to stand out in a group photo.”

“I, Kelly Hancock, am leaving all my school uniforms to Ava Pfeiffer.”

“I, Eva Davis, leave my locker to Olivia Ceryance.”

“I, Izzy Kirkwood, leave the theatre department to Lilly West. Although it was never really mine to begin with, you earned it queen. Your leadership and vision are inspiring.  You don’t give yourself nearly as much credit as you deserve. Thank you for keeping me sane this year, I seriously could not have gotten through either production without you.”

“I, Lily Burger, leave the ability to ride on the back of the golf cart without causing collisions with the other bags to Nina Filippi.”

“I, Alexis Valencia, leave my passion for Harry Styles and One Direction to Bella Buono.”

“I, Brooke Biggins, leave my brawl star to Diego Perez.”

“I, Ryan Sauceda, leave my basketball #35 jersey to my little brother Zach.”

“I, Frank Carino, leave my baseball jersey to Andrew Walker.”

“I, Marlee Franquelli, leave the soccer team the responsibility of annoying Brieger, eating all his snacks, and bringing your own hair ties and athletic tape.”

“I, Kailey Treiber, leave the volleyball team to Taryn Lemezis.”

“I, Danny Schuck, leave locker #1 to Jeremy Roldan.”

“I, Louis Banet, leave my photoshop skills to Jeremy Roldan, to make endless memes.”

“I, Kelly Hancock, leave a box of golf balls to Addison Gillie (don’t lose them).”

“I, Isabella Kirkwood, leave student council to Lenore McBean. You are the light of my day, Queen Lenore. I anticipate even wackier dress-down days during your reign of terror as president next year (I am prophet). May our legacy live on through the halls of this school! Harrumph!.”

“I, Lily Burger, leave my amazing umbrella holder to Addison Gillie to have fun chasing an umbrella when it flies away or falls on you.”

“I, Ryan Sauceda, leave my spot in Mrs. Schmidt’s class to my little brother Zach, so he pays attention.”

“I, Marlee Franquelli, leave the basketball Team-Mom bag to Michelle Ortega, and remember to always have it because the day you forget it then everyone needs tape.”

“I, Kelly Hancock, leave a bag of sand to the golf team to remember you can never do as bad as me.”

“I, Isabella Kirkwood, leave our beloved Jumpin Spo to Taylor Petrozeuncko. You and I are one in the same, you know. May you see many a Spo in these halls, as I am sure they run rampant. Keep Lilly sane for me, I can’t wait to hear about all of your guys’ accomplishments in the future.”

“I, Lily Burger, leave my wonderful disco playlists to Ivy Burnett so you can blast it on the speaker during practice.”