Is this Easter candy egg-cellent? 


Lily Burger

Robin Egg Candies or Mini Easter Eggs?

Gabriella Sarullo and Lily Burger

With Easter coming up, there is a lot of variety of candy offered and we are here to tell you our definitive ranking of classic Easter candy.  


Reese’s Eggs 

Gabby – This was my favorite Easter candy out of all the other candies that we tried. One can never go wrong with a classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. It has a perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio that the normal Reese Peanut Buttercups lack. Overall, this candy is really delicious and has a good flavor. My only criticism is that it melts fast if you wait too long to eat it, but if you’re a chocolate-peanut butter lover this candy is for you.



Lily – This is the best and only candy that should exist for Easter. The size really makes it for me because it is bigger than a normal cup, but it thins out how much chocolate coating there is on the outside. The ratio is better than any other Reese’s shape (cups, trees, pumpkins, ghosts, etc.). This one also has the best flavor and is consistently good. I could eat a whole Easter basket of these.      

9/10 (10/10 if you put it in the fridge beforehand)                                                                                                


Gabby – Peeps marshmallow candy isn’t necessarily ground-breaking in any way, but it definitely isn’t bad. For me, I feel like you can’t go wrong with a marshmallow covered in sugar. I would say the flavor is fine and not a bad taste. Peeps are just very plain and almost just boring. Overall, I would say that Peeps are a good choice for Easter if you don’t like chocolate-based candies, but if you do then Peeps are just sugared-covered marshmallows which is not groundbreaking for any event at all.



Lily – No. Just no. This is not it. Peeps always have that perpetually stale quality to them that I don’t like. If I am going to eat a non-s’mores marshmallow, it has to be fluffy and soft, not crunchy and hard. I don’t appreciate how when you grab a Peep, the sugar coating starts to crumble and fall apart and it gets everywhere. The only purpose a Peep has is to be blown up in a microwave (trust me, it’s fun as long as you don’t have to clean the microwave). I’ll give it points for having a fun name, shape, and color.  


Robin Eggs 

Gabby – This was my least favorite candy out of the ones that we tried. I couldn’t even finish one and they are tiny. Robin eggs are basically the Whoppers but designed to look like little Easter eggs. I am not the biggest fan of Whoppers in general so that is why I don’t like Robin Eggs. I do think having them designed to look like Easter eggs is a cute idea, so I enjoyed that part. That is the only thing I like about them. Overall, I did not like Robin Eggs and would not recommend it to anyone. 



Lily – I liked the Robin Eggs! I also like Whoppers so that may have something to do with it. I love the design because they do actually look like robin eggs, and I appreciate the detail added with the speckled color and the crispy outer shell around the Whopper inside. The fact they are small makes it very easy to eat a lot of them at one time (which can be good or bad), and I just think they are cute. This candy just screams Spring and Easter to me, so I appreciate the festiveness. The flavor is alright,; it isn’t anything special. I don’t think it’s better than Reese’s Eggs, though, and I wouldn’t actively search for this outside of Easter.  


Cadbury Crème Eggs 

Gabby – I have never had a Cadbury Crème Egg before, so I was excited to them for this article. After trying them, I was a little disappointed. They weren’t bad, but they were not great. The chocolate outside was good, but the crème on the inside tasted funny and left a bad taste in my mouth. Overall, I would say these eggs are a good choice for Easter but only ever Easter.



Lily – I didn’t hate the experience, but I didn’t love it either. I think it’s fun that there is crème on the inside that is meant to look like egg whites with a yolk center, so points for creativity. Taste on the other hand is a different story. I’m not the biggest fan of milk chocolate so that made the outside shell less than appealing for me. At first, I did like the crème taste but then about 30 seconds later, it turned bad and left a not-so-great aftertaste. It was also kind of hard to eat, the shell was difficult to bite into, and when I did, the crème got onto my hands. 


Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny 

Gabby – I was very disappointed in the chocolate bunny. I mean, when I think of Easter, I think about getting a big chocolate bunny in my Easter basket and it tasting delicious. After tasting this milk chocolate bunny, I did not get that feeling at all. It had a horrible chocolate flavor and overall, just tasted bad. I would not recommend getting this chocolate bunny. 



Lily – As I mentioned before, I don’t like milk chocolate so my expectations for this were already kind of low. I love the shape, and I definitely associate this candy the most with Easter. The bunny we had was medium sized but honestly, I think it was too big and too much milk chocolate for me. The bunnies do come in different types of chocolate though so I might rate this higher if it was dark chocolate. The flavor wasn’t awful, but I wouldn’t take more than one bite of it due to the milk chocolate taste.