Girls soccer season kicks off!


Jianna Birns, Yearbook Copy Editor

Spring sports have kicked off and girls soccer is in full spring! The ladies’ season has just barely started, and we are excited to see how our ladies will do. This year’s girls team is coached by Mr. Brieger, who has coached several prior seasons, and Mr. Drake.  Coach Brieger is excited for the season to begin and says, “Flat out…we rock, we rock.”

This year’s team has five seniors: Delaney Lutzow, Sophia Scheider, Alexis Valencia, Marlee Franquelli, and Kate Draftz. These five girls cannot be more excited for their final soccer season. I asked each of them what they were looking forward to this season. Sophia Scheider says, “I am looking forward to our upcoming games and practices. We have a lot of games coming up in the next few weeks, and I am excited for our team to learn and improve throughout the season.” Delaney Lutzow has been on the team all four years and says, “I’m excited to get close to all the girls and see what we can accomplish this season.” Marlee Franquelli is excited for her senior soccer season, stating, “I’m looking forward to ending senior year on a high note.” Alexis Valencia and Kate Draftz chose not to respond.

Some other players on the team are also pumped for their season to get moving! Freshman Maggie Jarzemsky has started her first year of playing soccer and says “I am having a lot of fun playing this year and being a goalie. This is my first year playing and I have felt very welcomed by the team.” Freshman Lizzy Leadley is also pumped for the season and loves playing with her best friend Maggie Jarzemsky, “I love being on the field with Maggie and she is the best goalie!” Make sure to come out to at least a few home games to support this year’s 2022 girls soccer team!