Springing into spring break plans


Dempsey Howicz, Social Media Editor

Spring Break is a time that is celebrated all over the world. It is a very popular time of the year, it’s a great way to give students a break from studies and just have a good time. It is a time that has dated back for many years, back to the Greeks and Romans which thought of the time as a fresh start and new beginning. This time is also thought of as a preview and start of summer. Spring break week is a very popular time for travel. Many families go see relatives, friends, or even just visit their favorite places.  

We decided to survey some students on what their plans would be for spring break this year. In the survey, 45% of people are staying local and just hanging out while 55% of people are going and traveling somewhere. For those going somewhere, we asked where and their responses were:  Junior Emma Blatz says that she is going to Florida. Sophomore Thomas Rynne says Alabama. Teacher Mr. Macias says he is going to Mexico City. Lastly, teacher Ms. Adams says, “If I do go anywhere other than to the local Target, it would be to Lake Geneva…because they have a better Target.” Most people, if they are going somewhere, they are traveling with their family, friends and some are going with both family and friends.

Spring Break is a great time for everyone to take a step back and just enjoy themselves, especially for the seniors before they graduate. Given that travel was so limited over the past two years. Spring Break of 2022 is bound to be the best yet.