Is The Batman movie worth the hype?  

Is The Batman movie worth the hype?  

Nathalia Aguirre, Yearbook Copy Editor

There may be spoilers in this article.

Earlier this month, Matt Reeves’s The Batman movie was released. Batman is played by Robert Pattinson who is recognized for his role in The Twilight Saga as Edward Cullen. Our villain, Riddler, is played by Paul Dano. Batman’s love interest is played by Zoë Kravitz who fans know as Cat Woman.  

The budget for the film was from $185-200 million dollars and, in my opinion, it was worth every penny. I’m not here to compare this version of Batman to all the other films, but rather, review this movie on its own.  

From the first scene to the last, I could tell there was a lot of thought and creativity put into the film. From the action-packed fighting scenes to the romance and undeniable chemistry between Batman and Cat Woman there was something in the film for everyone. Even if you aren’t a fan of the DC Comics franchise, I would still highly recommend this film due to its incredible entertainment. I will say that I was a little apprehensive about going to see the film in theaters once I saw it was a 3-hour film, but it never felt like it. That is a sign of a great film.  

At the end of the film, we are introduced to a new Joker who is played by Barry Keoghan who is imprisoned with Riddler. Though I am sad Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t cast for the role, I understand that the stories do not align. However, I am excited to see if Reeves plans to make a continuation of the film seeing as introducing Joker is a great opportunity to do so. So, despite the controversy on the film, it is definitely worth the hype.