New coaches in Chicago


Josh Avila, Staff Reporter

On January 10th , the Chicago Bears fired head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace.  Coach Nagy has been with the team since 2018 and has declined a lot since. Ryan Pace has been in Chicago since 2015. He’s had some notable moves as a GM, including trade-up for quarterback Justin Fields. Though Fields looks to be the right guy for the team, Pace has never been good at drafting in the high rounds of the draft.  Sixteen days after firing Pace, Chicago hired Kansas City Chiefs assistant director of player personnel, Ryan Poles. Poles has made numerous moves for Kansas City, that has put them into a situation to constantly win at a high rate. He was involved in drafting Patrick Mahomes, and won a Superbowl in 2019. Poles has very high hopes as Chicago’s new GM and hopefully develop a winning culture. 

Two days after his hire, on January 28th, Poles signed the Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator, Matt Eberflus to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears. There are a lot of mixed feelings about Eberflus, especially because he was a defensive coordinator, when the Bears severely need help on the offensive side of the ball. The Bears have always had a solid defense every year, but they’ve always had a problem passing the ball. Matt Nagy was a terrible play caller, and it seemed Justin Fields thrived in every game where Matt Nagy did not call plays. I think any coach would do better than what Matt Nagy did for the Bears; I just think an offensive coach would be best for the team. 

With the additions of both Poles and Eberflus, I don’t think we can be a bad football team. I think we’re going to build off the draft and be aggressive in free agency. This team is really close to being very good. We just need to make the right moves, and I can’t wait for the future of this franchise.