Cheerleader critiques Cheer (the show)


Gabriella Sarullo, Newspaper Managing Editor

The hit Netflix series Cheer returned for a second season on January 12, 2022.  Season Two follows Navarro Community College on the journey to Daytona Beach for the NCA cheerleading nationals. This season also follows Navarro’s biggest rivals Trinity Valley Community College. This documentary series shows the journey of both teams preparing for this one competition hoping to come out on top.

Personally, as a cheerleader myself, I truly enjoy watching the show. It shows people in the outside world what cheerleading is like and how difficult it can be. I enjoyed watching the rivalry between the two teams (Navarro and Trinity Valley). We didn’t get to see that aspect in Season One, so it was cool to be able to see both teams working towards the goal of winning.

Season Two was way more intense than season one. The two teams had faced many challenges during the season. Covid-19 was one of them.  The show started filming Season Two during the spring of 2020 right before the world went on lockdown.  Due to the pandemic, Daytona (Cheerleading Nationals) was canceled for the rest of the season. The show then picks up again at the beginning of the new cheer season, where both teams have brand new athletes hoping to be able to compete at Nationals this season.  The season ends with both teams competing at NCA 2021. The outcome was shocking for most viewers. It was unexpected for those who have been following the show for some time now.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season, it was interesting and there was never a dull moment. There was nothing that I would change about this season. It was touching being able to see all the stories of the athletes on both teams competing. I hope that the show gets renewed for a third season because of how popular and entertaining it was.