Back to uniforms, back to normal


Robert Avina (left) and Nina Filippi (right) show off their uniforms while Michael Cozzi (center) forgets spirit wear is no longer allowed.

Taylor Petruczenko, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

Since Covid came around, nothing in school has been normal, and one of those things is our uniforms. While we have been in partial uniform, we have also been allowed to wear spirit wear tops with either pants or skirts. These rules have been in place for so long that sophomores have never even been in the true uniform. After Christmas break, however, all of that changed, and we went back to full uniforms for the first time in two years.

Throughout the school, most students have had a negative response to the change back to full uniforms, saying that since the weather is so cold, they should be allowed to dress warmly. Sophomore Jeremiah Roldan wrote, “I miss the old sweatshirt that I used to wear before the change.”  Many others throughout the school think the same thing. Junior Dempsey Howicz wrote, “I think we should stick to uniform bottoms and spirit wear tops.  Especially during these colder months, being able to wear hoodies is nicer in the colder classrooms.”

Another change that has been in place since the beginning of the year, is the gradual switch from plaid skirts to solid gray or blue, and the students are not the biggest fans. While this switch currently only affects the freshman, many students feel that it should not have happened.  Junior Ava Pfeiffer wrote, “Even though I don’t wear the gray skirt, I prefer the plaid ones because they are cuter.”  Most of the girls agree with Ava saying that the plaid skirts were better.  Sophomore Lilly West wrote, “The new skirts are extremely unflattering and unsightly. The plaid was more fitting with the current overall aesthetic of the uniforms and school colors.”

Even though many students are not happy they can no longer wear their sweatshirts, the change in uniforms shows that the world is going back to normal. After two long years of quarantines, Covid tests, and masks, we are slowly going back to normal.  While the uniforms may not be as physically comfortable as the sweatshirts, it is comforting to know that the world is nearing the end of Covid.